Dam-Funk at The Casbah San Diego

Excited to be on the same stage as Dam-Funk! Santino Romeri of Kill Quanti and I worked together on the design. I though I would share it. - HA!


Future Sounds of San Diego

Big Up Magazine just posted a preview to Future Sounds of San Diego! The compilation will be available for free download the first week of November. A lot of work and love has been put into this project by many San Diego artists. I'm very excited to have been apart of designing the artwork for the cover. I want to give a BIG UP to Miguel Vega at Accent Creative for organizing and having a vision for this project. - HA!


Where I'm at

1. No Age - Keechie

2. Burial - Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix)

3. Tycho - Hours

4. The Album Leaf - D Day (Sister Crayon Remix)

5. James Blake - Tell Her Safe

6. Tokimonsta - Bright Shadows

7. Asura - He Sees Through Her (Mystery Cave Remix)

8. MatthewDavid - All You'll Never Know

9. Araabmuzik - Streets Tonight

10. Balam Acab - Now Time

11. Jeremiah Jae - $easons

12. RUN DMT - Club Scout

13. S.Maharba Feat. Je and Lucia - So Much Skin

14. Knxwledge - Beech

15. Javelin - Susie Cues

16. Evenings - Babe

17. Phen Swan - Super Cell

This is where I'm at. A fall mix for life transitions.
I hope you enjoy it.