San Diego City Beat! / November 30, 2011

I was just featured in this weeks San Diego City Beat! Very grateful for their support. Here is the write up they did.

Meet the cover artist

David Peña goes by the artistic alias Half Asleep (halfasleepdesign.com). “Float Cluster,” his drawing of a somewhat shapeless, anthropomorphic creature on the front page of this week’s CityBeat, is indicative of most of the work he does. Pena lets his stream of consciousness take over and tries to give form to the meanderings of his mind.

“It’s more about color, geometric shapes and being conscious and aware,” he says. “That’s the vibe I try to reflect in my artwork…. For me, it’s like this dream state. I like the idea of portraying this feeling of floating or being half awake and half asleep.”

Peña’s process starts with a drawing. He then scans the sketch and colors and manipulates the image in Photoshop and Illustrator. The art student is also in an electronic-music trio called Illuminauts and says his approach to making music is similar to the way he makes art.

“Music is such a big part of my life and my creative process,” he says. “It’s another way of expressing myself with these psychedelic sounds. I feel like our music is on a similar wavelength with my artwork…. It’s this stream of consciousness that I’m trying to project through music and by putting it down visually.”

—Kinsee Morlan


Dam-Funk at The Casbah San Diego

Excited to be on the same stage as Dam-Funk! Santino Romeri of Kill Quanti and I worked together on the design. I though I would share it. - HA!


Future Sounds of San Diego

Big Up Magazine just posted a preview to Future Sounds of San Diego! The compilation will be available for free download the first week of November. A lot of work and love has been put into this project by many San Diego artists. I'm very excited to have been apart of designing the artwork for the cover. I want to give a BIG UP to Miguel Vega at Accent Creative for organizing and having a vision for this project. - HA!


Where I'm at

1. No Age - Keechie

2. Burial - Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix)

3. Tycho - Hours

4. The Album Leaf - D Day (Sister Crayon Remix)

5. James Blake - Tell Her Safe

6. Tokimonsta - Bright Shadows

7. Asura - He Sees Through Her (Mystery Cave Remix)

8. MatthewDavid - All You'll Never Know

9. Araabmuzik - Streets Tonight

10. Balam Acab - Now Time

11. Jeremiah Jae - $easons

12. RUN DMT - Club Scout

13. S.Maharba Feat. Je and Lucia - So Much Skin

14. Knxwledge - Beech

15. Javelin - Susie Cues

16. Evenings - Babe

17. Phen Swan - Super Cell

This is where I'm at. A fall mix for life transitions.
I hope you enjoy it.



Future Sounds of San Diego

I have been collaborating with Miguel Vega of Accent Creative / Dataset, to build a miniature cityscape for the cover art of an upcoming compilation called Future Sounds of San Diego. It will feature local electronic producers with a wide range of sound exploration from various genres. Here are a few pictures showing the process of arranging the miniature city to film and photograph. I will post the finished artwork and video once the compilation is completed.
- HA!


HA! Limited Run of Buttons

I made a limited run of buttons a few months ago. Contact me if you would like one or a few! After these are gone I'm going to make a new series that I'm going to sell as a set.

These got a little rusty because they were in storage for a while, but all the graphics are fine. If your interested, I can mail you the 3 buttons plus a few more for the price of postage. You can email me at hello@halfasleepdesign.com and we can go from there.



Something to Draw Too

1. Yuk - Iris Dahlia

2. Clams Casino - I'm Official [Squadda B]

3. Bre'r - Birf Crawl

4. MatthewDavid - International (Feat. Dogbite)

5. Teengirl Fantasy - Portofino

6. Daedelus - El Subidon

7. James Drake - Wilhelm's Fucking Best

8. Illuminauts - Shiny Green Bugs

9. Teebs - My Whole Life

10. Four Tet - My Angel Rocks Back and Forth

11. Shlohmo - Places

12. Groundislava - Creeper Shit

13. Inkjet - Broken Beat

14. Araabmuzik - Electronic Dream

15. FloatUpStream - Vital Levitate

16. D33J - Drowning Pools

I put together a mix to listen to while drawing, or whatever other creative activities you participate in this summer. I hope you enjoy it. - HA!

Download the Mix Here


Unused Type / A B C Download

Here are a few unused type faces I made recently for a contest. Letters ABC in a variety of styles. I bundled them for free download as high resolution tiff's. If you use them send an email, comment my way! It would be cool to see them put to use. - HA!