Future Sounds of San Diego

I have been collaborating with Miguel Vega of Accent Creative / Dataset, to build a miniature cityscape for the cover art of an upcoming compilation called Future Sounds of San Diego. It will feature local electronic producers with a wide range of sound exploration from various genres. Here are a few pictures showing the process of arranging the miniature city to film and photograph. I will post the finished artwork and video once the compilation is completed.
- HA!


HA! Limited Run of Buttons

I made a limited run of buttons a few months ago. Contact me if you would like one or a few! After these are gone I'm going to make a new series that I'm going to sell as a set.

These got a little rusty because they were in storage for a while, but all the graphics are fine. If your interested, I can mail you the 3 buttons plus a few more for the price of postage. You can email me at hello@halfasleepdesign.com and we can go from there.